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Curug Malela Tourism in West Bandung belle

After the visit of Vice Governor of West Java, Dede Yusuf, was the level of tourist visits to Curug Malela continue to rise. Residing in the village of Curug Cibodas, Kec. Cavity, Kab. West Bandung, is now the new prima donna.
Because every week, not less 300 to 500 tourists came to Curug Malela, especially Saturday and Sunday.

"We admit that the increasing tourist visits to Curug Malela after a visit with the promise of the Vice Governor of West Java provincial government will improve infrastructure and facilities and infrastructure at the tourist spot." Dadan said Suardana Mover Group Chairman of Tourism (Kompepar) Malela.

Most tourists come from Bandung Raya and the surrounding area. There are also originating from Jakarta, Palembang, Yogyakarta and other areas in Indonesia.Namun, Dadan said, the tourists are complaining about the condition of the road to Curug still rocky. He hopes the government may soon realize its promise to build infrastructure and facilities and infrastructure in the region Curug Malela.

"I am optimistic that, if the infrastructure and facilities and infrastructure already built, tourists who come will be much improved. As such, the wheels of the economy of local communities was also increased," he explained.

Meanwhile, the Head of Department of Tourism and Culture Priwisata Jabar, Drs. Dani Herdiana say, West Java provincial government this year has allocated funds for developing tourist destinations object (destination) Curug Malela Rp 625 million. The funds are shaped indirect expenditures (BTL), the Governor of West Java.
Dani admits, Curug Malela potential is great for a destination. Constraints on this tourist attraction, the access road is very narrow and badly damaged and much of the central city of Bandung.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Forum Kompepar West Bandung, H. Kosasih invite all elements of the village of Cicadas, Kec. Cavity to be involved preformance Curug Malela ODTW development. "Attention West Java provincial government for tourism development in the district. West Bandung already very high. "She said.

Kosasih sure, Curug Malela could become a new icon in West Bandung, even in West Java. Curug Malela which has a height 40 meters and 40 meters wide is the widest Curug in West Java. In addition, this Curug has seven children, of whom Curug Katumbiri, Sumpel, and Curug Ngebul. "I have not found that has a broad Curug like Jabar Curug Malela in other regions," said Kosasih.

Malela Curug tourist attraction which borders the northwest Cianjur Regency Bandung. GPS coordinates showing the position of S07 * 00'38 .1 "E107 * 12'22 .0" above the rock where it looked Curug beauty. As written in a lot of personal blog sites, tourism sites, or state forestry official site, nor the West Bandung regency, this waterfall is mengagumkan.Berdasarkan topographic map, a river which falls as high as Curug Malela approximately 50 m and 70 m wide, is Cicurug .

Toponymy river which according to the nature of this river has many waterfalls. Upstream the river from the north slope of Mount Kendeng with former giant caldera almost 15 km in diameter. From the volcano, located on the west Ciwidey who died this Cidadap River flowing network. Cidadap flows northwestward through the District Gununghalu hard rock grinding circuit which is generally characterized by old volcanic eruption products.

Cidadap flow north after Bunijaya, then flows with rectangular pattern, ie a flow pattern of the twisting river sharply, even perpendicular. Westward flow which was then named Cicurug started into relief in a very steep uplands used named Plateau cavity.

A necessity for the river that flows on the plateau and then the flow pattern disturbed by waterfalls, terraced. That's what happened on Cicurug flow. In addition to the largest Malela Curug, downstream there are several levels of a waterfall called Curug Katumiri and Curug Ngebul, before the river empties into page Next page.

Relief Plateau steep rugged terrain with the cavity gives the valleys to form a V which berkemiringan more than 100% or more of the 45-degree angle. That's why pengistilahan "plateau" become less accurate because if we go to these areas, we will face down the road winding up. On top of this plateau when local rivers mengerosi vertically, the slopes of the valley than to create a limited field to be explored, but from the other side to create a stunning landscape of the eye.

Some of the peaks above the plateau reaches a height of 1000 m above sea level on average to make the air in the cavity Plateau is generally cool. Land use is forest and plantations. Since the Dutch era, the area was reserved for tea plantation which is now managed by PTP Nusantara VIII Montaya.

Rocks that make the steep and rugged relief are breccia and conglomerate stone top Miocene, approximately deposited in transitional environments on land and sea some 10 to 5 million years ago.

umbernya estimated at several ancient volcano in the south of West Java which is active at that time. This rock type is in Curug Malela itself appeared in layers, are very hard. The impression that arises from the hard rock can be seen from the morphology of rock walls that show up the slick. That is what appears on the wall Curug Malela looks so strong and graceful.

Elegance of a waterfall that in low-speed photographs give the impression like fine silk threads, not denied has captured the hearts and eyes who came to visit him. If the trigger is not dark days, we will sit all day without get enough of watching the natural phenomenon of this extraordinary.


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